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  Short about the exhibition project "Goodness" in Malmö, Gallery Tapper-Popermajer September 2002.
  A Swedish Danish project. Malmö, Copenhagen. Artists Patrik Gyllander and Lisbeth Van Deurs.
  The idea was to investigate goodness year 2002. The project was originally based upon philosophy by Søren Kirkegaard.

  1. Because of the reward.
  2. Fear of the punishment.
  3. Because you think you know better.
  4. Kind but only to a certain point.

  Since "Goodness" was collaboration betwen Sweden and Denmark, it was decided to exhibit homeless people
  from both sides of the sea under a glass floor.

  The aim was to involve the audience dirctly, and so a glass floor was build (1.20 m in height).
  The homeless people climbed under this floor and sat there through the exhibition. Looking in from the street the window
  was divided into two. The visitor in the gallery had to "step"on the people below. The people in the street passing by
  saw the two levels. It all worked as a kind of magnifying glass of the outside society

  At night the homeless people stayed in a luxurious hotel, that kindly sponsored their stay in Malmö. In the evening a gourmet
  restaurant sponsered a three-course meal. About 15 homeless people were kind enough to participate in the project
  and so were different organisations and a number of other people.
  All the political parties in Sweden were invited for a debate and all arrived in the gallery. All did they talk to the press
  and all did they promise improved circumstances for the homeless people. All this was broadcasted on television,
  radio and written about in newspapers. Time will show if it was all empty promises.

  Why did all these people involved (including us as artists and gallery) participate? Was it because of any of the reasons
  1,2,3,4 listed? The project and investigation around goodness, freedom, loneliness and communication is ongoing
   and the exhibition is to be developed further.

  For more information go to Contact/links or "Goodness"homepage


  Foodproject - food during 5 years

photo of food     how to make a noodle soup     photo of food

Sound of food is A collaboration with composer stefan pöntinen.The project is a ongoing project involving, sound, photo, drawings,lyrics...

  Konsnärlig gestaltning av mattor

  ett projekt under Designåret 2005

  13 konstnärer utvalda av AF Kultur i Malmö har deltagit i utbildningen "Konstnärlig gestaltning av mattor" ledd av
  Märta Måås Fjetterströms VD Angelic Persson. De 13 har därefter gjort var sin skiss för en kvadratmeter stor matta.
  Av dessa 13 skisser har Liljevalchs konsthallschef Bo Nilsson i MMF AB:s konstråd valt ut fem skisser som i samarbete
  med fem konstväverskor vid MMF AB vävs till mattor. De färdiga verken kommer att visas under senhösten och vintern
  på flera utställningsplatser runt om i södra Sverige.

   "Antikmagasinet-knut knutsson/anette granlund om Märta Måås Fjätterström (jag och min matta sista 4 minuterna)"

Angel with balls och patrik


Titel: Angel with balls
Teknik: Halvflossa
Mått: ca 1x1 m
Konstnär: Patrik Gyllander
Vävd av: Petra Elström, Märta Måås Fjetterström AB

Patrik Gyllander

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